Mossvale's Newest Four-Legged Residents

We recently welcomed two new, tiny, furry residents - Chihuahua puppies Ebony and Ivory!

Research has proven the simple act of stroking a pet yields fantastic health benefits such as, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, coupled with a reduction in stress hormones. Feelings of anxiety and depression can also be drastically eased by simply being around an animal, due to the powerful boost given to the feel-good hormones. 

As the positive effects of animals and pet ownership on health and wellbeing become more well known, at Mossvale Care Home our team - and our residents - certainly appreciate their positive influence!

Our manager, Margaret Wilson, explained: " As part of regular pet therapy sessions we had frequent visits from the puppies' father - he was very well loved by the residents, so when his litter was born wew jumped at the chance to adopt two of the puppies. Ebony and Ivory are now honorary residents."

"The puppies are now 14 weeks old and really are the talk of the town. Our residents, and their families, love having them around - it's really uplifting everyone's spirits!"


Ebony and Ivory, the new puppies!

Ebony and Ivory

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